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Paranormal Activities of a Doppelganger

Before I was a ghost hunter, my brother and I used to rent an apartment. We both go to the same university and the apartment was conveniently located the campus. We thought we were fortunate to have that space available for us. Or so we thought.

There were several paranormal activities that were witnessed in the apartment. There was one instance when our parents paid us a visit. Parents along with my brother were busy preparing lunch with their turned away from the toilet when they heard my voice asked for permission to use the toilet.

This surprised my brother because I don’t have to ask to use our own toilet. Then he turned around to find no one. He promptly checked the toilet, only to find it empty. Then they looked for me around the house but I’m nowhere to be found because at that moment I was in school. When I got home later that day, they asked me if I went home earlier because they were sure that it was my voice they heard.

Then there was a time when I myself heard my own doppelganger. I was about to go to school. My brother was still sleeping because he doesn’t have any class that day. I don’t want to wake him up so I went out and locked the front door from the outside. It was then when I heard my voice from the inside calling my brother. It was so loud that I heard it clearly and knew that it was my voice. I tried to open the door with my key but the lock wouldn’t open. I peeped through the window but no one was there except for my brother who was rushing towards the door and opened it. He then asked me why I woke him up. I told him what happened but he dismissed it. Maybe he’s still sleepy to understand what really happened that day.

Then there was a time when another paranormal activity happened. This time the place was my bedroom. I woke up around midnight because I was thirsty. Like any other times I wake up, the first thing I do is to check my desk clock to see what time it was. My desk has a small mirror and I glanced at it to see my own image standing, which is weird because I was still in bed. I decided to ignore it and go back to sleep. I suddenly wasn’t thirsty anymore.

Years later, as a ghost hunter, I was certain that the apartment we used to live in had a doppelganger that disguises as me. Good thing nothing bad happened during these paranormal activities.

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